When hired to mix your record, I provide more than just a technical approach to making the sounds fit together.

I will do what is necessary to get your song to feel the way that you intended, to push the emotional impact as far as I can and get listeners to really HEAR the song the way you hope they would. Sometimes that means using EQ, compression, and reverb to make the mix feel more alive, while other times it means adding a percussion part to the chorus or verse that I feel will add the missing energy to the track. If we're working closely together on a project and you have the means to change the recording, i'm also happy to suggest arrangement changes, suggest harmonies, or make other suggestions I feel will give the song more impact.

A little about me

My name is Josh and I’m a mixing engineer in Toronto.

I started my professional career at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, working for and learning from some of the best mixers and producers in North America.

After many years at the Warehouse, I made the move to Toronto and started focusing on mixing. I am currently mixing out of my personal studio in downtown Toronto.  I record and produce projects in many great facilities in Toronto and Vancouver depending on the projects needs and budget. I also record, mix and sound design for commercials and TV, having worked on projects for Tide, Toyota, Air Canada, Telus, and Discovery Channel along side many other large brands.

Josh was so easy to work with. Intuitive and quick. He has a very high standard but is able to adapt to the clients tastes and work flow without hesitation. A real pro in every aspect.

Robert Berry Guitarist, Producer (Past member of "3" with Keith Emmerson and Carl Palmer)

10/10 engineer. Had a blast recording with him and it sounds awesome!

Joey Martel Juno nominated guitar player

I hear a lot of mixes and Josh’s work is always great compared to anything out there. He’s very professional to work with in communication as well as meeting those tight deadlines. When an artist tells me Josh is sending over a mix, I know it will be a good day in the studio for me.


Greg Mindorf Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer

josh is a consummate professional and comes from a solid background of training with high level musicians. He is fast, bright, musical (important), exacting and helped me stay organized in a complex recording. Part of what makes someone a good work-mate is the ability to listen in an exacting way to directions once, then it’s done. He is confident without ego-grist. and a pleasure to work with.


Jane Siberry Singer-Songwriter

Sessions I’ve worked on:

C = Composing | R = Recording | M = Mixing | MA = Mastering | P = Producing | S = Sound Design

Engineer (music)

Absolute R, M
Adam Bailie R
Adore-Bread And Water MA
Alexandria Mailott M
Altered By Mom M
Anthony Lohan MA
Arbutus Collective R, M, P
Barry Green M
Beekeeper M, P
Benjamin Hermann R
Bob Stark M
Boogz Boogetz R
Braeden Mitchell R
Brian Heely M
Bry Webb (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Celia Azzure Band M
Chris King MA
City Walls (produced by Howard Redekopp) M
Cody McMillian R, M, MA
Dan Mangan (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Daniel Wesley (vocals) R
Dasha R, M, P
Devon Lougheed R, M
Earth Heart HumMA
Elias MA demos
Emily RaquelR, M
Familiar Wild M, P, R
Finding Friday R, M
Fires M
FM Berlin M, P
Free City Collective R, M
Gene Murphy R, M, P, M
Glass Kites R, M, P
Hands and Teeth R, M
Hannah Georgias (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) M
Hot Panda M
Issah Contractor R, M
Jane Siberry R
Jason and the Diatonics M
John Pippus R, MA
Johnson Crook M
Josh Ramsey R
Kaitlyn Zarzour R, M, P
Kate Morgan R, M, P
Keke Palmer (Interscope Records) R
Lilly White M
Lives in Transit R, M
Marito Marques R, M
Masonette R, M, P
Mel Monaco M
Melissa Bandura MA
Michael Bublé (pre-production vocals) R
Nathanael Vass R, M, P, MA
NorthCote (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
On Vixen R
Paper Lions (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Phatback R, M, MA
Reenie M
Reign Over St Ambrose (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Robert Ball R, M
Robot Eyes R, M
Sam Mckay R, M
Sean JonesM
Shafiq Contactor MA
Shaine Rose Ireland R, M
Shania Twain (songwriting session) R
Sidney York R, M
Sik Vik R, M
Slammerkin M
Southern Souls- Audio / Rocketry R, M
Southern Souls- Jessica Stewart Few R, M
Spencer Vaughn BandM
Tend And See MA
Tequilla Mockingbird Orchestra M
The Balconies R, M
The Fallers R, M, P
The OBGMs (Budweiser Made in America contest winners) R
The Pack A.D. (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Timothy R, M
Watasun R
Water Hole/Kokoro Dance R, M
Whitehorse (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Wildlife (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Wildlife (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R
Zeus (siriusXM’s Live at The Verge) R

Engineer (advertising)

West Jet S, M
Open Road Auto Group S, R, M
Tourism Vancouver S, R, M
Save-On Foods R
StopGap C
Covenant House
Discovery Channel
WeDay (ABC network special)
TD Canada Trust
Royal Bank of Canada
Sylvania Lights
Toronto Tool Library

Second Engineer

2010 Olympics DAE
Alistair Griffin
Art Kenyon
Bryan Adams
Bryant Oleandar
Calgary Stampede
Carly Rae Jepsen
Chin Injeti
Daniel Wesley
Dave “Rave” Ogilvie
Econoline Crush
Good Charlotte
Hungry For Life
Issah Contractor
L Stu Young
Luc Doucet
Marianas Trench
Matthew Good
Measha Brueggergosman
Michael Buble
Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Mike Frazer
Paul Filek
Rachelle Gislason
Randy Staub
Seventh Rain
Sun Wizard
Thousand Foot Krutch
Vince Ditrich
Young Artists For Haiti

Studio Assistant

Armchair Cynics
Art Of Dying
Atarah Valentine
Beyond The Fall
Bryan Adams
Carmen and Camille
Cat The Dog
Coheed and Cambria
Colin James
Colin Janz
Fables Last Stand
Fully Loaded
Good Charlotte
Great Lake Swimmers
Heart Attack
Hot Chelle Rai
Ill Scarlett
Jackie Green
Jessie Farrel
Jet Black Stare
Matt Mays
Matthew Good
Michael Buble
Olypmics 2010
Over The Coals
Pete Mills
Primary Tone
Sam Roberts
Sled Dogs
State Of Shock
Journey To The Center
Stone Gods
Stone Of Destiny
The Almost
The Dudes
The New Odds
The Rushing
The Solution
Theory Of A Deadman