Josh was so easy to work with. Intuitive and quick. He has a very high standard but is able to adapt to the clients tastes and work flow without hesitation. A real pro in every aspect.

Robert Berry Guitarist, Producer (Past member of "3" with Keith Emmerson and Carl Palmer)

10/10 engineer. Had a blast recording with him and it sounds awesome!

Joey Martel Juno nominated guitar player

I hear a lot of mixes and Josh’s work is always great compared to anything out there. He’s very professional to work with in communication as well as meeting those tight deadlines. When an artist tells me Josh is sending over a mix, I know it will be a good day in the studio for me.


Greg Mindorf Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer

josh is a consummate professional and comes from a solid background of training with high level musicians. He is fast, bright, musical (important), exacting and helped me stay organized in a complex recording. Part of what makes someone a good work-mate is the ability to listen in an exacting way to directions once, then it’s done. He is confident without ego-grist. and a pleasure to work with.


Jane Siberry Singer-Songwriter

It’s amazing how well Josh listens to my directions and my work to create the sound I have in my head. He’s recorded, mixed and mastered projects of mine in many different styles, and his work has always been terrific. Beyond that, Josh is just a great person to work with!!


Marito Marques Drummer / Percussionist / Producer

Josh’s relaxed presence put me at ease right away. He was super efficient & knowledgable in the studio and his mixing brought my song to life – I can’t wait to work with him again!


Irena Perkovic Singer / Songwriter (Reenie)

I had Josh do some mixes on the City Walls (formerly Louder Than Love 99.3 Fox SEEDS winners) newest album. His mixes were huge and vibey.. that’s all I have to say. He was a pleasure to work with and communicate ideas with even over long distance. Highly recommend working with him!!


Paul Lambert Singer / guitarist
(City Walls)

Josh is such a stunningly talented individual – I honestly can’t imagine anyone else engineering/mixing my music. He consistently floors me with what he’s capable of doing and how efficiently he does it. The whole experience, start to finish, is everything I could ask for and more. If you get a chance to work with him, take it. Don’t think twice.

RBKE Bandcamp

Rebecca El-Saleh Harpist / singer / songwriter

Recording drums for several of Josh’s productions was a great experience. He dialled in fantastic drum sounds in no time, and provided some great incite for making the tracks as good as possible. He’s a great guy to work with, most importantly.

Miles Gibbons Drummer / percussionist

I have worked with Josh on many projects. Josh has been up to industry standards in regards to using consoles, tape machines, and digital software. He is a gift to the Canadian music industry. Great ears and knows his gear. What more could you ask for in a recording engineer?

Adam Scott Bailie Singer / songwriter (Watasun, Labidos)

Josh is the most talented engineer and producer I’ve worked with. Working with him at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver was a mind blowing experience.

Whatever you’re recording Josh knows how to get the best sound out of it. His mixes are clear and emotionally impactful every time.

On top of all this he’s willing to hear what you want to achieve as an artist and is super easy to get along with.

Leon Feldman Composer / performer (Chin Injeti, Glass Kites)

Josh worked on my last two albums. He’s easy going, knowledgeable, and I will definitely work with him again.


John Pippus Singer / songwriter

At the Warehouse in Vancouver, Josh was integral to getting the tightest most versatile drums sounds I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. If the budget is there, I’ll fly him back to Van for the next drum session too!

Joey Vantol Producer

Josh is a mix-master and a wonderful engineer. He’s efficient, talented, and really knows his way around sounds. I’ve worked with him in a number of capacities (as artist, as producer), and I can’t imagine doing a project without his involvement. 10/10, highly recommended!

Devon Lougheed Performer / producer (Smashing Satellites, Hey Ocean!, Sydney York)

Josh is helping to create some of the best music to date. Great work. Friendly, helpful. His work speaks for itself.

Ryan Ford Guitarist / songwriter (Roboteyes)

Josh is extremely easy to work with, he’s quick at getting great sounds, has a take on how to put things together way beyond his years. He’s been a pleasure to work with and one of the reasons that I am so pleased with my last two CDs.

Gene Murphy Singer / songwriter