Mixing Lessons

Private mixing lessons with screensharing

(Available using Pro Tools OR Logic Pro X)

How does it work, and who are these mixing lessons intended to help?

These mix lessons are intended to help engineers (and artists who self-produce) create better mixes.

Some common mixing issues I can help with are:

  • lead vocal clarity
  • getting drums to sound bigger
  • separation of instruments and parts in the mix
  • overall mix clarity
  • workflow: looking at your mix session and making suggestions to help improve layout or routing
  • making EQ choices with guitars and bass
  • parallel compression (why, when, and how)
  • basics of gain staging and setting yourself up for a better mix right from the start of the session
  • Choosing when to use different effects in the mix

Mixing lesson cost

$65 USD per 1 hour lesson, new students require a 2 session minimum

Booking a lesson with me

I’m currently only taking lesson bookings a few times per week as i’m also mixing and recording full time for clients and lesson space is limited.

If you are interested in booking a lesson please fill out this form:


What happens during a lesson?

There are two ways we can work together:

1) You to send me a project you are having trouble with (protools session or audio stems)

We can then check out the audio or protools session together via Skype screen-share, and then listen and look at the session together.

I will

  • give feedback on your workflow (if you’ve provided a session file)
  • share technical or creative ideas I have
  • teach you new concepts that you can apply to your mix
  • show you what direction I would take the track
  • answer any questions you may have
  • listen to any references together, compare them to your mix, and give suggestions as to what is different between the two mixes, and how you may be able to get yours to more closely match the song you are referencing

2) If you don’t have a project to work on, but have specific questions

Before the lesson, email me a listen of questions or topics that you are interested in learning about. We can discuss them during the lesson, and I will offer suggestions to help solve your issues.

  • we can spend our time talking about theory
  • I can show examples to answer your questions during the lesson with sessions i’ve worked on in the past
  • For this type of lesson, if you send me some ideas you are interested in exploring beforehand, or explain problems you are having with recording or mixing then I can prepare ways to help you solve them.

Before our lesson

You can send me a protools session or set of audio files (WAV or AIFF) for a project you’re working on that you would like help with or have questions about. I will then spend our first lesson checking out your mix session or audio files, offering suggestions, and showing you how I would approach different aspects of the mix.

To give you the most benefit from this, I will only use plug-ins that we both have in common if possible, and will send you a copy of the session we worked on so you can open it and further analyze what I did. As well, this gives you the opportunity to listen and audition the mix changes I have made in full quality.

During the lesson

I’ve found the most effective method for this real-time Skype lesson is to stream the mix audio via skype itself. This doesn’t offer a high fidelity listening experience as far as music quality, but it allows me to stream you my computer screen AND the audio in real-time, so I can explain workflow and mixing techniques in real time and we can chat about any issues you are having with your mixes. The important part is my explanation of workflows, techniques, and methods.

After our lesson

I will transfer you the session file from our mix lesson as well as any new audio I have created. You can listen in your studio and check out what I did and analyze my suggestions in full quality.

Payment is made via PayPal using the booking calendar found at the bottom of this page. You can pay via credit card without a paypal account if you do not have one.

File transfer is done via the service of your choice. I generally use dropbox or google drive, but many people prefer wetransfer.com or similar services.

A recent review:

“I would recommend any engineer who is starting out, or even if you’re intermediate and want to learn new mixing techniques to join Josh G. Bowman’s mix lessons. I have been taking mix lessons with Josh and since I’ve started, I can hear an improvement in my mixes. I highly recommend you to check out his site for more details.”

-Andrew Sanchez via Google